The Swan Hotel Bibury Wedding.

A crisp May morning welcomed us as we arrived in the picturesque Cotswold village of Bibury for the wedding of David and Yi-Ling. After our pre-wedding meeting earlier in the year we were excited about being involved in their special day, not only as they are a lovely people and a wonderful couple but as this was going to be one of our most unique weddings to date. Further to this, we had learned that David and Yi-Ling had prioritised a wedding film over a photographer and decided not to budget for the latter, therefore we decided that we would take a handful of photos for them as a good will gesture.

Whilst David and Yi-Ling began their preparations in The Swan Hotel, we took this as an opportunity to capture all this cinematic village had to offer which included baby swans, Cotswold architecture and the River Coln which runs right through Bibury. After making our way back to the hotel we enjoyed filming the final stages of their preparations, David and his father Alister made sure all the decorations were up and Yi-Ling put on her red wedding dress. The red symbolises good luck, happiness, and prosperity.

Following the very calm and relaxed preparations, we enjoyed an outdoor ceremony with David’s stepfather, Ian, holding a beautiful sermon. After David and Yi-Ling made their way down the aisle and enjoyed a glass of fizz with their guests, who had travelled from all over the world, we walked to the famous (and tourist hotspot) Arlington Row to film and photograph their portrait shots.

The reception and wedding breakfast were as wonderfully unique as the rest of the day before it. Guests enjoyed taking part in a duck race in the aforementioned Coln River which runs through the hotel grounds. Laughter and must it be said, a bit of cheating, followed from beginning to end.

Yi-Ling’s father, Lin-An, who had flown over with the rest of their family from Taiwan, made his speech in Mandarin. Although his words were not understood by us and the majority of guests, the emotion his speech carried was still very much felt throughout the room, which is testament to how good it was.

After a very sweet and romantic first dance exchanged by David and Yi-Ling, their family and friends joined them on the dance floor. It was a was a pleasure to film and photograph David and Yi-Ling’s wedding day, congratulations to Mr & Mrs Chen-Duncan.

Watch David and Yi-Ling’s wedding film, This is a True Love Story, below.

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